Online Slots Games and How to Win

A winning player of slot machines is virtually impossible. It is impossible to win at slot machines. All slots are designed so that the house has a significant advantage over the player if they play for a sufficient amount of time. Only by betting maximum on every game and playing games that have a huge jackpot can you counteract this house edge. What happens then when you win the big jackpot? It’s time to stop.

Don’t get me wrong. Not that I say you should not play slots. Even the best of slot games can be fun. Keep in mind, however, that playing slots on a regular basis will result in you paying money for entertainment. Calculate how much it costs to play a slot machine on a long-term basis by multiplying your average stake times the number of spins you make per hour.

As an example, you can calculate the edge of a casino by comparing a slot with a 95% payback to a game that has a 5% house advantage. It is possible that the casino retains 5% of your bets over time. The house will get 15 cents for every $3 bet. (5% multiplied with $3. If you are making 500 turns per hour, this game would cost $75/hour. It may or not be an affordable price to enjoy yourself. Your bankroll will determine the price.

The casino’s bonuses and rewards are also worth considering when calculating your hourly cost. When you play in an on-site casino, and you are given free drinks to drink while playing, subtract that cost from the hourly price. If you want to add up the drinks cost with the value of your entertainment, you could do that. It’s my recommendation to only drink premium spirits and beer to get the most entertainment. Heineken is available for as little as $4 per bottle at a fine restaurant. If you drink two Heinekens every hour, you can reduce the price of your game from $75 per hour to only $68.

Slot clubs can also return a percentage to your account each hour. Be sure that you sign up for the club of your favorite casino, and use your credit card ALWAYS in order to keep track of your game. You have no excuse not to. There’s no reason not to. Casinos will reward the larger players of slot machines with freebies, such as meals, shows tickets and rooms.

Then how can one become a slot machine winner? What I recommend is to be aware of how much you’re spending on each game and hour. Take advantage of any comps or perks and aim for the jackpot.

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